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Eventum VIP Bash: A Night To Remember!

Eventum VIP Bash: A Night To Remember!

We successful hosted our very first VIP Bash. Our Eventum Team brought together our multiple partners so they can sit back, relax, enjoy a couple drinks while getting to know who we are. We invited them to Black Door in Chelsea, along with warm lights, complimented with imported German Beer from Liquid Projects that adds the perfect introduction to this fall season.

Beer Collage 1.jpg

We started the night at Black Door, a quaint venue with warm lighting and dark wood that gives a stylish, yet casual look.  The Eventum team customized the venue to set the tone for the event. With this in mind, the team brought lights to brighten the room,  as well as decorative flowers to frame the setting. 

Cheers 01.jpg

Our special guest, Melina, a known singer from Germany created an excitement amongst the invitees. She wore a bright red dirndl, a traditional german folk dress. She will also be our guest for our upcoming Oktoberfest. 

Snacks 1.jpg

What's a party without snacks? To compliment the beers, we had to have snacks, of course. There were many pretzels as well as a variety of vegetables and dips. 


Our venue partners were interacting with one another and expanding their social network. Events like ours help our event partners ignite and inspire one another to flourish their own businesses. Besides business, they were able to take their minds off of the everyday routine to unwind.

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"It was great to meet and converse with the staff and all involved with Eventum Inc. Everyone was friendly, approachable and easy to speak to. I can see why they are growing and they should definitely have more events like these" -Ernesto from 39th Ave Arts & Event Space

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After a fun and successful evening, we are looking forward to hosting more of these kinds of events and getting to know both our venue partners and customers.




300 Venues Live at Eventum.com

300 Venues Live at Eventum.com

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"Wonderfall" Tips from the People of Eventum