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NYC, a Family-Friendly City

NYC, a Family-Friendly City

Working with event venues across New York City, we often come across questions regarding kids and family-friendly venues. At Eventum, we feature a wide range of family friendly venues that accommodate your little one’s birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, Bar and Bats Mitzvahs, or just a joyful family gathering. 

To make sure that we’re up to date with kid-friendly venues, we seek information and advice from our friends at Mommy Nearest.


Mommy Nearest is an online platform that showcases locations and provides parents the closest family-friendly activities and places in the area that you’re searching for, building on the idea that finding kid-friendly places should be an effortless activity. New York parents know that it can be challenging to locate family friendly activities in New York, especially kids-friendly venues. Although these locations might be hard to find due to scattered information, New York has plenty of them. The family friendly places are rated by reviews from other parents, easing the process of making the right choice for your family’s needs.

Mommy Nearest is our go-to place for kids-friendly locations because they provide all this practical and relevant information in one place. The award-winning app helps parents spending less time searching and more time doing what matters most; enjoying time with their children.Additionally, Mommy Nearest provide tips and inspiration for traveling with children. They provide articles and reviews from local parents at your destination.

Together with Mommy Nearest, we've put together a wide range of suggestions for kids-friendly event-venues and restaurants in NYC.

Sporty Party: If you`re looking for a birthday venue for the young sport enthusiasts, Spin and The New York Yankee Steakhouse are perfect alternatives for the whole family or for highly energized birthday parties.

The New York Yankee Steakhouse  is a destination for baseball fans of all ages as much as for the adult foodies. The venue boasts three remarkable levels of private and semi-private dining spaces. Spin is a lively alternative for the young active enthusiasts. The unique ping-pong lounge and restaurant is sure to separate your event from others. The 12,000 square foot space can accommodate anything from small groups of 10 to 600 people. The venue provides fun activities for children as well as adults. 


Tea Party: Looking for a more sophisticated environment? Why not bring the birthday party for a cup of tea in the Eloise Shop? The Tea Room offers fancy teas for the whole family as well as serving birthday parties. An afternoon like this is definitely our cup of tea. We truly recommend taking a sip of this pink atmosphere at the Plaza Hotel! 

Music Party: Do you have a little musician in your family? Enjoy the sound of lil' ones cheerfully singing. Host a unique birthday experience to the tunes of "Happy Birthday" performed by The Rock and Roll Playhouse Band in Brooklyn. Check out their event-calendar for variation of concerts. 

Restaurant Party: If you`re looking for restaurants to gather your family or family-friends, you're well aware that some restaurants are more kid-friendly than others. Plan ahead and spend your precious time in environments accommodated to fit your needs and a delicious meal. Two recommendations are Meatball Shop and Big Daddy's. Meatball Shop uses the best and all-natural ingredients for great food and event experience for organized family dinners. Another colorful suggestion that provides a good time for all is Big Daddy's. This is an 80's style American diner serving tasteful burgers and shakes. This restaurant is the perfect spot for a retro-themed children's birthday party. PS: Ballons for all!

Big Daddy's_Park Ave217.JPG

For more suggestions, check out Mommy Nearest the next time you and your kids are exploring the city of New York. Have fun!

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