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Top 10 Tips to Make Your Party Unforgettable

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Party Unforgettable

Prior to the event

1.       Start the Planning Early: Although not all details might be in place, it’s still a good idea to book the location and ask your guest to “save the date”

2.       Party Theme?: Same procedure as last year? Maybe not! Step it up with a good party theme. But the “theme” doesn’t necessarily have to dominant the whole event. Neither does it have to include costumes or fancy dresses. But a party theme that is used in a subtle way sets the stage for a clear party concept, clarifying both yours and your guests expectations.

3.       Location and Amenities: Finding the right location is crucial for having an amazing party. Book an event space that is suitable for your theme, the number of guests, including all amenities that your guests need to be comfortable and enjoy the party. No one likes to spend the whole party in a restroom line, or freezing due to low temperatures! Make sure to have all necessary contact information, or available assistance, if any technical issues should occur. Check out Eventum.com for amazing venues in NYC. 

4.       Informative Invitation: Although less is more, make sure to include all necessary information in the invitation. Put yourself in your guests’ positions. What would you like to know? Will there be food? What about transportation? Timeframe? 

5.       Keep Track of the Guest List: Although asking guests to RSVP in a certain way, some always go their own ways. A well-organized guest list also makes it easy to keep track of who to send reminders. 


At the event

6.       Welcome: Welcome all of your guests. Remember that everyone loves welcome drinks! 

7.       Break the Ice: All parties start with a “meet & mingle”. But not everyone appreciates small talks. Start off with an informal party game or introduction to loosen up the party and break the ice. Create teams across "groups" to include everyone and break the ice. 

8.       The Importance of Good Music: Music sets the tone of your party. Whether you’re going for casual party with lounge music playing in the background, or a rocking dancefloor, the right playlist takes preparation. Consider the vibe you’re going for, and understand your audience when putting together the list or selecting a DJ. Although you can’t please everyone, certain classic hits will get everyone to the dancefloor. Decide whether the guests should be able to opt in or not. Maybe the best solution is to ask them before the party? 

9.       Late Night Food: A refreshment never hurts! Midnight snacks keeps the party going. Even more important, make sure there's enough to drink. 

10.   Send a Thank You-Note: Follow up with a thank you-note to all guests. Maybe even a photo-collage for the guests to remember the memorable night. 

With that said, relax and enjoy your own party! 

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NYC, a Family-Friendly City

NYC, a Family-Friendly City