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10 Tips on How to Host a "Stress-Less" Holiday Party

10 Tips on How to Host a "Stress-Less" Holiday Party

Although the holidays are a time for enjoying yourself, it can be very stressful in terms of party-preparations. With various backgrounds, beliefs and traditions, we at Eventum have put together 10 tips on how to throw a good holiday party. We hope this eases your planning.

1. Book an event space: Holiday gatherings, such as “Friendsgiving”, don’t necessarily have to be in your home. To keep the personal touch, book an event space that allows you to bring your own food, and maybe even your own drinks. Buffets make your dinner party much easier. If you don’t feel like cooking, some venues offer catering services as well. Check out Eventum for these types of party venues.

2. Set the frame: Decide if you should go for a sit-down dinner or a cocktail-party. A successful holiday party doesn’t have to include a fancy dinner.

3. Decorations and Light: Although a holiday party requires some sort of decorations, simple table decorations are more than enough. String lights or battery-operated led lights create a warm atmosphere. These can also be put in lanterns placed on the floor. Create simple table cards to set a personal touch. Depending on the occasion, write a personal sentence on the back of the card.

4. The Bar Menu: A seasonal bar doesn’t have to be very complicated. Put simple drinks on the menu. If possible, let the guests mix their own drinks. Make sure to have a diverse menu. But if you’re serving both wine and beer, one drink or cocktail is enough.

5. Entertainment: Invite the guests to join the entertainment. This will contribute to a memorable and special night. Encourage your guests to be creative!

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6. Party Games: Everyone loves games event though they claim they don’t. Depending on the crowd and occasion, include party games that involve all your guests. This can be a quiz about the season, or maybe even about your guests. Create teams across “groups” to include everyone and create an informal atmosphere. If there are children presents, make sure to offer something to keep them busy or entertained. If you want the party to be all about the games, we recommend some personal favorites Spin, Sweetwater Social and Unarthodox.

7. Jingle Bells? Even though you can’t get away from the holiday jingles, there comes a time when enough is enough. Once the atmosphere is set, consider a more mixed playlist.

8. Photo booth: A holiday is a good excuse for a photo booth. This is easy fun that require little preparation. Bring a camera!

9. Keep the Snack light: Holiday meals tend to be “heavy”, if you choose to go for a dinner-party,  Keep the snacks light, and rather focus on simple refreshments.

10. Thank You: In the true holiday spirit, remember to thank your guests. To avoid double work load, include this acknowledgement in a holiday-card as they leave your party.

Relax and enjoy your party. Regardless of the occasion, the holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying each other’s company.

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"Wonderfall" Tips from the People of Eventum

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