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Why White Lofts Are The New Black

Why White Lofts Are The New Black

Under the raw space category lies the beauty of a storage spaces, lofts. A loft is an open space located under the upper roof, often characterized by a rustic look that makes great event spaces. 

White lofts are ideal for all kinds of special occasions. These unique and blank canvasses are ready to be covered with your latest shindig or an artsy-fartsy project. The untouched white backdrop allows you to unfold your personal touch, whether it's colorful or minimalistic and classic.

Don't worry if you're storage space doesn't fit our description, because Eventum got your back! Scroll down to see some of our hand picked treasures featured on Eventum.com; 

Gary's Loft

Gary's Loft is a large, open loft space that’s just a minute away from the Empire State Building. With additional floors of space and boasting 24 large windows and 4 skylights, the all-white space is flooded with natural light and is equipped with vintage furnishing. As a bonus, you’ll have access to the rooftop, providing additional space and experience to your photo/video shoot or a social gathering.

Great Jones Studio

Great Jones Studio is a sexy loft that resides on the historic Great Jones Street. Filled with natural light, the luxurious space is equipped with three moveable dividing walls, which can be useful for subdividing the loft to suit your event needs. The loft also features an outdoor terrace available for guests to take in beautiful views.   

Loft 29

Loft 29 is a spacious loft and gallery space ideal for all artists and production heads. The event space is designed by a sculptor, with elements of uniqueness all over the space. Highlights of the space can be seen through its various textures and custom designed furnishing. Loft 29 is complimented for its various shooting textures and a team that’ll assist with your special event.

The W Loft

The W Loft in Williamsburg is a modern and open space. The loft overlooks the New York waterfront and skyline with its impressive floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior glass walls allow guests to keep comfortable and enjoy the view, no matter what the weather is like. The space also comes with an exclusive outdoor rooftop to take in spectacular views of the surrounding boroughs.

The Love Shack

The Love Shack features originally designed or modified furniture’s. Highlights include beautiful chandeliers, full working domestic kitchen, bedroom for chill out zones and three adorable cats that reside on the premises. The space also comes with a patio garden that’s available all year round. Like out of a fairy tale, The Love Shack is an unique space for photo/video shoots, performances, screenings, and other intimate gatherings.

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It`s a Jungle Out There

It`s a Jungle Out There

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